Art Prints

From CA$120.00

Produced on professional-grade archival paper, these lab produced prints are designed to be enjoyed for a lifetime. These art prints provide an increased colour gamut providing excellent skin tones, sharpness and brilliant overall image quality, ready for framing.

Lustre Finish Prints:

A low gloss matte-like quality that resists glare and noticeable fingerprints. This is an excellent option for a long-lasting durable print perfect for framing and display.

Pearl Finish Prints:

Produced on premium-quality metallic pearlecent paper, these prints offer a chromatic quality to your prints that outshines any others you have ever seen before. Sometimes described as “chrome on paper” these striking prints have a three-dimensional quality with extreme saturation, sharpness, and glossy shine that compares to none. Premium metallic prints are definitely a beautiful choice in presenting your images with an eye-catching pearlecent sheen.

Prints are shipped flat, and ready for framing.

Watermarks do not appear on the final print.

Artist signed and printed in Canada!


16 x 24
20 x 30
24 x 36

Print Finish


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